Village Ways is a social enterprise which creates immersive travel experiences for guests wishing to discover authentic rural places.

Our social purpose is to help sustain village life, and we work in partnership with our communities in India, Nepal and Ethiopia.

Together, we build village tourism enterprises such as small, sustainable guesthouses and a houseboat for the quieter parts of the Kerala Backwaters. We train villagers to become guide, porters, cooks and co-ordinators, and market our trips internationally.

To further support our partner communities in India, our own Indian-based Charitable Trust has an excellent track record in delivering specialist training, in facilitating income-generating schemes for marginalised and disadvantaged people, and assisting in social improvement projects.

Many of our guests want to support our philanthropic work, and our UK guests and supporters can donate via Travel Philanthropy to support specific projects run by our Charitable Trust, as well as other projects outside India, such as helping our partner communities in Nepal recover from the 2015 earthquakes
Village Ways works in partnership with villages to establish, develop and manage a unique kind of ethical, responsible tourism. Above all, the aim is to provide great holidays that inspire and delight guests. Sustainability is vital, with ownership in the hands of villagers and where both guests and hosts are the beneficiaries.

How Village Ways works with us