By joining the Travel Philanthropy partner community, you will benefit from our expertise in getting as much of every donation as possible through to your project. We can help with:

  • collecting donations online, by bank transfer or by cheque
  • collecting Gift Aid on eligible donations
  • transferring the funds to charitable causes abroad at the lowest possible cost
  • promoting your live projects on our Total Giving page
  • promoting your work on our website

We screen all potential partners, and need you to commit to undertaking supervised screening of the projects you work with to ensure funds raised will be used for the advertised purpose. We always check before money is transferred that this is the case.

We expect our partners to be involved in effective monitoring and reporting on the use of donated money or time. One of the advantages of the travel sector is that our partners and their clients are frequently visiting the areas where the projects are being funded, making it easier to be part of the reporting process.

You should be able to answer supporters’ questions about your projects, and advise on the best way for them to give back to the communities they care about – either giving money, or giving time.

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Our partners must support at least one of our charitable objectives:

  • to advance the education of people of all ages in disadvantaged communities worldwide through formal and informal education and community capacity building
  • the relief of poverty and social, economic and environmental disadvantage worldwide
  • the preservation, conservation and protection of the environment and the prudent use of resources

Our goal

“Better places for people to live in and better places for people to visit.”

Our Partners

Discover what our partners in the travel industry and destinations are doing.