Sallie Grayson

Sallie is programme director of people and places – an award winning volunteer organisation. She works on an ongoing basis with local people to build meaningful volunteer programmes. Sallie met Harold whilst she was volunteering. Their fortunate meeting and subsequent discussions led them to pursue a better way to serve local communities, donors and volunteers.

Richard Hearn

Richard is well known throughout the UK tourism industry and responsible tourism arena. He established Inntravel in 1984, a tour operation which grew to set the standard for active rural tourism throughout Europe. Richard was chairman of the Association of Independent Tour Operators (AITO) 2005-6 and founded the Association’s Responsible Tourism Committee in 2001.

He is a co-founding director of Village Ways.

Harold Goodwin

Chair of the Trustees

Professor Harold Goodwin is an acknowledged world leader in responsible and sustainable tourism. He works with communities, governments, international funding agencies, and within the tourism industry to advance responsible tourism. Harold is Professor of Responsible Tourism at Manchester Metropolitan University where he directs the Centre for Responsible Tourism and was founder, in 2002 of the International Centre for Responsible Tourism. Harold is committed to enabling local communities and economically poor people to conserve their natural and cultural heritage through careful linking with responsible travellers.